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Lifesavers: ProTransport-1 EMT crew saves endangered baby

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PT-1 Crew Journal: Taking the correct steps for each patient

By Matt Condie Alameda County Operations Manager I was called by our Concierge Department about developing a gameplan for a wait and return scheduled for the following week. They let me know that ProTransport-1 had previously transported the patient, but their had family called in to see if there was a different way we could transport the patient up and down their forty stairs because it had caused the patient some pain and discomfort. I contacted the wife of the patient and set up a time the following day to visit their home to perform a walkthrough so I could get a better feel for the house and the obstacles it presented. The house was deep in the Berkeley Hills, which is notorious for having homes with tons of stairs including multiple turns as well as narrow hallways. Once I arrived at the residence, I could see why the previous crew had issues getting the patient all the way up to the bed smoothly. There were approximately forty stairs and multiple 90-degree turns, which adds to the degree of difficulty. After I introduced myself to the patient and the family, I walked around the entire residence to check out all of the options that we had to get this patient in and out of their house in as much comfort as possible. Once I decided upon the safest route, I went over the route with the patient and his wife so they would know exactly what was going to happen during the transport. After I left the residence, I contacted our ComCenter to learn which crews were available to run this call and...

Hiring Event: visit our career fair April 29 in Sacramento!

ProTransport-1 is hosting a career fair at its Sacramento station on Friday, April 29 from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. We’re looking for qualified CCT RNs and paramedics, so be sure to arrive prepared to take advantage of a great career opportunity! Check out the flyer below for more details:...

San Francisco crew ensures safe, happy transport for family

Here’s a recent example of the standout teamwork and care exhibited by a ProTransport-1 crew during a critical care transport from Eden Medical Center in Castro Valley to UCSF Medical Center in San Francisco. EMTs Art Larios and Carlos Martinez Jr. were accompanied by RN Lou Lewis, and the trio received the following words of thanks from the patient’s family, which was relayed by ProTransport-1 Control Center Supervisor Julia Spediacci: I received a call from a patient’s mother, who wanted to make sure someone knew how great her experience was with a crew that transported her daughter from Eden Medical to UCSF. The caller stated that her daughter is developmentally delayed, and she loved and appreciated how ProTransport-1’s Art Larios and Carlos Martinez Jr., both EMTs, and RN Lou Lewis spoke to her daughter like she was any other patient; they would let her know when they were moving her, where they were going, and what they were going to do next in order to keep her comfortable. The mother is also a respiratory therapist for Eden. She was so thankful for our nurse’s experience and how she would give her every update in her daughter’s condition as well as what setting we had the vent on. Our nurse keeping her in the loop made her feel so much more relaxed and safe. She stated that because the crew was so calm it kept her and her husband calm in an otherwise stressful situation. She added how amazed she was by how well these three crew members worked together; she believed they acted as they were one unit and...

PT-1 crew meets patient’s special request to hospital

There is no higher praise for the professionals who provide care to those in need than being specifically requested by a patient. Recently, a care coordinator from Mercy General Hospital in Sacramento called the ProTransport-1 ComCenter with such a request. ProTransport-1 went out of its way to fulfill the special request to the delight of the patient as well as Mercy General. ProTransport-1 Account Executive Marcos Soto recounted the transport, for which he helped provide a lift assist: I received a call from Jennifer at Mercy General Hospital, who had a patient specifically requesting to be transported by ProTransport-1. The patient required a bariatric level of service, and I volunteered to help with the lift assist in order to accommodate the request. The patient recognized our crew immediately and was elated we were able to send our team on such short notice. EMTs Nick Silver and Matt Dague had an excellent bedside manner, going above and beyond to make sure the patient was comfortable and secure. Upon arrival at the patient’s residence, our crew again made sure the patient was comfortable and secure, even going as far as rearranging furniture to reduce tripping hazards and fall risks. The crew recognized the patient would be home alone and provided her with information about PT-1 Alert (our personal medical alert system) to further ensure the patient’s safety. After the call was complete, Nick and Matt received a request from dispatch asking them to stay late in order to help with our high call volume. Nick sacrificed attending his godson’s birthday party in order to stay in service and help out. I...

Lifesavers: ProTransport-1 EMT crew saves endangered baby

An EMT crew in the midst of decontaminating a gurney recently became the latest at ProTransport-1 to jump to lifesaving action in the face of potential catastrophe. Cheryl Lingbanan and Mike Carrillo proved to be just who a frantic mother and her baby needed to find, clearing the child’s obstructed airway before transporting to the hospital for further medical care. Cheryl and Mike had been carrying out their typical shift duties when a vehicle quickly approached and slammed to a halt. The woman driving the car bolted out and ran toward the two, desperately shouting, “Baby! Baby! Baby!” Cheryl and Mike instantly made their way toward the woman and her vehicle, where a crying baby in a child seat was in distress. A language barrier prevented ProTransport-1’s duo from verbally communicating with the frantic mother, but the woman had another child with her who was able to translate as Cheryl and Mike discovered that the baby struggled to breathe. The EMTs were told the baby had swallowed an unknown item, so when they administered oxygen and the baby responded poorly, the crew transferred the child to their ambulance via gurney. Once on the ambulance, Cheryl and Mike performed back blows until the baby coughed up a foreign object. With the baby now safe and breathing freely, the pair transported the child to the hospital for further monitoring from medical professionals. Cheryl and Mike are a boon to ProTransport-1 operations as well as the company’s patients and healthcare customers. They serve as great examples of the compassionate care and safety our  EMS professionals provide each and every day. A huge...

Four PT-1 crew members named CAA Stars of Life

Four ProTransport-1 crew members were recognized as Stars of Life by the California Ambulance Association at the organization’s annual awards ceremony yesterday in Sacramento on the Capitol Mall. ProTransport-1 EMTs Krystian Socha and Taylor Panus were honored alongside paramedics Mark Mendenhall and Michael Wright during the daylong event as professionals who epitomize “the spirit and commitment of a quality ambulance service.” Each honoree was presented with a medal signifying their standing as one of the CAA’s Stars of Life prior to the award-winning group’s recognition on the California State Legislature’s Assembly and Senate floors. The festivities concluded with a networking reception and an awards dinner. ProTransport-1’s Stars of Life were accompanied by their respective managers, General Manager Devon Luce from the company’s Sacramento region and Contra Costa County Manager Heather Drolette. ProTransport-1’s medal recipients garnered recognition for taking lifesaving action in difficult circumstances to ensure patient health and safety, as evidence in their winning actions detailed below. Krystian Socha and Taylor Panus of Station 41 in Pleasant Hill were transporting a patient westbound on Highway 4 when they approached an overturned vehicle. Once stopped, Krystian stayed with his patient as Taylor rushed to help the passenger, who was attempting to extricate from their seat through a car window and bleeding from the head. Taylor placed a cervical collar on the man once out of the vehicle, performing a head-to-toe assessment, taking vitals and monitoring ABC. The driver had extricated herself and a bystander helped her toward the ambulance where she received care from Krystian, who opened the side doors to the ambulance and put a stair chair near in...

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