Mission & History

Our Mission

We bring patients and medical professionals together through mobile healthcare solutions and reliable transportation services.

ProTransport-1′s History

Founded in 2000 by President Elena Whorton and CEO Mike Sechrist, ProTransport-1 has quickly emerged as Northern California’s premier medical transport provider. What started as a company operating one used van out of a home office has grown to encompass an area of 23 counties served by 700-plus employees, more than 120 vehicles and 14 operations centers. With growth projections trending upward, ProTransport-1 is well on its way to the top of the EMS industry.

Following two decades serving the community as paramedics, Mike and Elena had a vision to create a sustainable ambulance company which cast aside timeworn conventions of the EMS industry in favor of customer-friendly transport service. Leveraging their experience as caregivers, the co-founders formulated an innovative approach to patient care and ambulance transport that accommodates patient needs above all else while also utilizing the latest tools to comprehensively maximize efficiency.

Through ingenuity and persistence, ProTransport-1 has evolved from a humble, two-person operation to a burgeoning industry leader operating on the cutting edge. The intimate knowledge of the medical transport market from which the company sprang offered innumerable insights into the EMS industry, chief among them the neglectful nature of ambulance companies toward patients needing interfacility transports. With a simple, patient-friendly vision and a modest budget, ProTransport-1 has grown to become an unparalleled provider of interfacility transports and patient care.