About ProTransport-1

ProTransport-1 is a leading provider of patient logistics services to hospital systems, serving a diverse range of customers from coast to coast. Our trendsetting tools streamline hospital productivity and our innovative, common-sense solutions utilize the latest technology to create hospital efficiencies that ensure patient safety as well as customer satisfaction. Established in 2000 in the San Francisco Bay Area, ProTransport-1’s ambitious scope of services evolved from a foundation built on safe and reliable medical transportation. Today, the company provides comprehensive services encompassing the patient movement process alongside sister companies PRN Ambulance in Los Angeles, ATS Medical Services in Chicago and Indianapolis, and Century Ambulance Service in Jacksonville, Fla.


About Our Sister Companies

PRN Ambulance is the leading interfacility medical transport provider in Southern California. Delivering unparalleled customer service, PRN pairs the latest mobile technology with innovative solutions to streamline efficiency throughout the patient care process. Established in 2000 in Los Angeles, PRN continuously forges new partnerships that allow its professionals to help more patients in more places. The company’s prompt, professional, high quality care ensures patient safety while comprehensive services satisfy the unique demands of healthcare partners.

Century Ambulance Service delivers unparalleled patient care and customer service throughout the North Florida region. Focusing on compassionate, specialized care enables Century to find the appropriate solution no matter the circumstances, and the company takes pride in its personal approach to healthcare. Operating out of eight strategically located stations including its Jacksonville headquarters, Century partners with top hospitals and healthcare systems to extend the highest quality care from the facility to the ambulance via elite professionals and the latest mobile technology.

ATS Medical Services is a sought after provider of emergency medical services and patient transportation in Chicago and Indianapolis (as Priority One). Intent on helping others through a caring and compassionate mission of service, ATS has built a reputation on its high quality patient care and extraordinary customer service while embracing the latest innovations in ambulance transportation and EMS. ATS are driven to learn, improve and grow as professionals, which enhances the comprehensive transport services offered to patients and hospital customers.