California’s new mandated EMT training

California’s new mandated EMT training
By Lindsay Hardaway

It was recently announced that California EMTs must go through a more advanced training in order to provide the skills closer to that of a paramedic. According to the California Emergency Medical Services Authority, this advanced training will require EMTs to learn to administer epinephrine, a glucometer, and naloxone.

California EMTs could previously receive this advanced training, but it was not required by state law. This law was introduced to EMTs back in 2017. This advanced training will allow EMTs to be more involved with their paramedic partner.

For example, the Modesto Fire Department has been working with their EMTs to train them with a total of six new skills. These skills include the administration of epinephrine and naloxone, the use of a glucometer, the use of aspirin, a CPAP, and an I-Gel advanced airway device. This set of advanced skills will help EMTs treat the patient sooner.

According to Jennifer Lim of the California EMS Authority, the cost of training is $41 per trainee. While this is an extra expense, this training is important and will help save lives. It is always important to widen your skill set for the benefit of others, and that is exactly what this new training will do for EMTs.

At ProTransport-1 we have partnered with Mountain Valley EMS to offer this training to our Central Valley crews with training dates available starting mid July, and we are in the process of being able to provide this training company wide to both our EMTs and external students.

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