Employees who C.A.R.E.: Recent commendations for ProTransport-1 crew members

Employees who C.A.R.E.: Recent commendations for ProTransport-1 crew members

Pro-Transport-1 crew members follow the tenets of C.A.R.E.:

Compassion – A feeling of sympathy for one who is suffering in regard to patients, co-workers, facilities’ staff and others.

Attitude Positive, can-do, enthusiastic approach to interaction, communication and contact.

Responsibility – Being accountable to patients, the company, job duties, co-workers and facilities.

Excellence – Providing superior care to patients by going above and beyond duties consistently and continuously.

If a patient, or a coworker, feels that one of our employees has shown exceptional performance, assistance, or has simply gone above and beyond during the course of their normal duties, they’ll send in a ‘C.A.R.E. Gram’ to acknowledge them. Below are some recent commendations our crews have received!


A patient wanted to recognize Racine Bogdanich, Mayra Barahona, Alberto Rodriguez and Michael Contreras, stating all were “Super Cool” and made her feel safe and better after all her treatments.


A patient wanted to recognize Christopher and Jorge for being so accommodating, helpful and always making her day. They stayed with her during her appointment while her doctor gave her a ton of information - which she forgot as soon as they left. The crew had been listening and were able to break down the information for her and ensure she understood it and the instructions from her doctor. She felt as though she had two angels with her.


I just wanted to give some major C.A.R.E. points to Jessica Hernandez and Joseph Hallam from Station 2-11. Tonight has been a very busy night with long distance and multiple psych discharges. This crew ran back to back calls with no complaints. They were extremely helpful tonight and kept a good attitude. I just wanted to send them some love because this is definitely the attitude we like to see in Dispatch, especially on busy nights.


I would like to thank the crew on Unit 62, EMTs Amanda Dennis and Mateo Villasenor, for their care. The crew was caring and went above and beyond what was expected for our transport. I appreciate ProTransport-1, and my husband is doing well and is so appreciative that I was able to ride along with him. Please recognize these crew members if you see them.


Alex is always very polite and has a positive attitude, I would love for Alex to be a permanent crew member for picking up my husband.


Just got off the phone with a patient, she wanted to call in and give thanks for the great service she received from EMTs Lisa Biondini and Robert Trujillo during her transport last week. She was very pleased with the comfort and care they provided, saying that they made her feel very relaxed. She wants to use our service again because of the great treatment she got. Good job guys!


I received a very emotional call from a patient that was transported today by Inderjit Khehra, Jennifer Henson and Jesse Quiroga. The patient stated that she was really upset with her MD appt today and the crew was so kind and supportive and helpful. They were very special people. She said they made her feel so comfortable and gave her comfort when she needed it. This was not at all what she expected from an ambulance crew. She says they were a blessing for her on a day when she felt so sad and upset. They took her home and made sure that she was safe and comfortable there. She was in tears the whole time and really wants us to make sure the crew knows how this made her day so much brighter.


Please award C.A.R.E. points to EMT Patrick Piazza from Station 4-14 for always volunteering to transport hospice patients. These patients deserve the best comfort and care we can offer, and when you have an EMT that enjoys making the transport special for them it is a big deal. Thank you Patrick for your hard work and compassion!