Contra Costa County Survivors’ Reunion Honors PT-1 Crew

Contra Costa County Survivors’ Reunion Honors PT-1 Crew

A ProTransport-1 crew was recognized by the Contra Costa County EMS Agency Wednesday and reunited with the family they provided with lifesaving intervention last spring. Cheryl Lingbanan and Michael Carrillo were honored during the first annual Contra Costa County EMS Survivors’ Reunion Banquet held at The Clubhouse at Boundary Oak in Walnut Creek.

The banquet brought together survivors of catastrophic medical emergencies and the medical professionals or bystanders who helped them with lifesaving action within the past year. Cheryl and Michael were selected to by Contra Costa County EMSA for their superb work and quick thinking to ensure a baby’s health and safety.

“Through ProTransport-1, Cheryl Lingbanan and Michael Carrillo have provided quality care for patients from numerous hospitals and skilled nursing facilities. They have demonstrated great skill in basic life support as well as excellent bedside manner and professionalism,” said ProTransport-1 Director of Operations Jeronimo Carlos. “Most importantly, they have a way of making the sick and injured feel safe, and this was seen through an on-scene call that involved a choking infant.”

Cheryl’s account of the event perfectly encapsulates the calm yet clinical lifesaving response she and Michael took on the fateful day:

The incident occurred after we completed a call, discharging a patient to residence. As soon as we notified dispatch that we were back in service, a car suddenly pulled up alongside our ambulance. A man jumped out of the car and was trying to communicate with us, but there was a language barrier present as he was mostly speaking a Middle Eastern language. The word, “Baby!” was all we needed for us to get out of the ambulance to assist.

In the backseat, there was a mom holding a baby that was coughing violently and crying. The mom also had a language barrier. I told Mike that we needed to head to the ambulance for a better assessment. He grabbed the baby and headed to the rig. At that moment, I noticed their other son, nine years old, that was beside his dad. I quickly asked him what had happened and, fortunately, he was able to translate for his parents.

They mentioned that a piece of a toy the baby was playing with was missing from the floor and they think that he was choking on it. I quickly turned to Mike as he had already started doing an assessment and informed him. We looked for an object in the mouth and saw nothing. Mike then started the back slaps and within two slaps, a slender, one-inch plastic object was dislodged. I continued with blow-by oxygen and reassessments as Mike drove us to the ER.

At Wednesday’s banquet, each survivor was presented with a commemorative plaque and a photograph with their rescuers at the event. The rescuers received personalized medallions that serve “as a symbol of recognition of the extraordinary role they play each day responding to emergency medical service calls,” according to the Contra Costa County EMSA.

Congratulations to Cheryl and Michael for their much-deserved recognition! ProTransport-1 could not be prouder of their compassion, professionalism and, of course, lifesaving efforts while representing the ProTransport-1 team.