PT-1 Crew Journal: Taking the correct steps for each patient

PT-1 Crew Journal: Taking the correct steps for each patient

By Matt Condie
Alameda County Operations Manager

I was called by our Concierge Department about developing a gameplan for a wait and return scheduled for the following week. They let me know that ProTransport-1 had previously transported the patient, but their had family called in to see if there was a different way we could transport the patient up and down their forty stairs because it had caused the patient some pain and discomfort.

I contacted the wife of the patient and set up a time the following day to visit their home to perform a walkthrough so I could get a better feel for the house and the obstacles it presented. The house was deep in the Berkeley Hills, which is notorious for having homes with tons of stairs including multiple turns as well as narrow hallways. Once I arrived at the residence, I could see why the previous crew had issues getting the patient all the way up to the bed smoothly. There were approximately forty stairs and multiple 90-degree turns, which adds to the degree of difficulty.

After I introduced myself to the patient and the family, I walked around the entire residence to check out all of the options that we had to get this patient in and out of their house in as much comfort as possible. Once I decided upon the safest route, I went over the route with the patient and his wife so they would know exactly what was going to happen during the transport. After I left the residence, I contacted our ComCenter to learn which crews were available to run this call and selected one of our senior crews: Jennifer Henson and Jason Zemlyn.

I met Jennifer and Jason as well as our lift assist crew at the residence and went over how we would run the call so that everyone would be on the same page. I explained that we would move the patient with a backboard and secure him with our spider straps. I let the crew know that the patient injured himself on the stairs we were about to carry him down, which is why we were taking extra care to ensure that he felt comfortable and secure.

We were able to complete the wait and return without any issues, and the patient and his wife were more than pleased with our service once we finished the call. The wife even offered to give all of the crews bottles of wine for our excellent service, but I let them know that ensuring her husband’s safety and comfort during the whole trip was reward enough for us.