San Francisco crew ensures safe, happy transport for family

San Francisco crew ensures safe, happy transport for family

Here’s a recent example of the standout teamwork and care exhibited by a ProTransport-1 crew during a critical care transport from Eden Medical Center in Castro Valley to UCSF Medical Center in San Francisco. EMTs Art Larios and Carlos Martinez Jr. were accompanied by RN Lou Lewis, and the trio received the following words of thanks from the patient’s family, which was relayed by ProTransport-1 Control Center Supervisor Julia Spediacci:

I received a call from a patient’s mother, who wanted to make sure someone knew how great her experience was with a crew that transported her daughter from Eden Medical to UCSF. The caller stated that her daughter is developmentally delayed, and she loved and appreciated how ProTransport-1’s Art Larios and Carlos Martinez Jr., both EMTs, and RN Lou Lewis spoke to her daughter like she was any other patient; they would let her know when they were moving her, where they were going, and what they were going to do next in order to keep her comfortable.

The mother is also a respiratory therapist for Eden. She was so thankful for our nurse’s experience and how she would give her every update in her daughter’s condition as well as what setting we had the vent on. Our nurse keeping her in the loop made her feel so much more relaxed and safe. She stated that because the crew was so calm it kept her and her husband calm in an otherwise stressful situation. She added how amazed she was by how well these three crew members worked together; she believed they acted as they were one unit and were so efficient together that if she had to have this experience again she would choose those three crew members every time, although it is never an ideal situation to have your daughter transported in an ambulance to a higher level of care.

The father wanted to add that he was driving his personal vehicle behind the ambulance and our EMTs were always checking to make sure they didn’t lose him on the way to SF, which was important not only to the father but to the patient who was always asking where her father was; the mother was able to tell her and point to him in the trailing car to comfort her.

Please make sure these crew members receive the thanks they deserve for this excellent customer service they provided.