Lifesavers: ProTransport-1 EMT crew saves endangered baby

Lifesavers: ProTransport-1 EMT crew saves endangered baby

An EMT crew in the midst of decontaminating a gurney recently became the latest at ProTransport-1 to jump to lifesaving action in the face of potential catastrophe. Cheryl Lingbanan and Mike Carrillo proved to be just who a frantic mother and her baby needed to find, clearing the child’s obstructed airway before transporting to the hospital for further medical care.

Cheryl and Mike had been carrying out their typical shift duties when a vehicle quickly approached and slammed to a halt. The woman driving the car bolted out and ran toward the two, desperately shouting, “Baby! Baby! Baby!” Cheryl and Mike instantly made their way toward the woman and her vehicle, where a crying baby in a child seat was in distress.

A language barrier prevented ProTransport-1’s duo from verbally communicating with the frantic mother, but the woman had another child with her who was able to translate as Cheryl and Mike discovered that the baby struggled to breathe. The EMTs were told the baby had swallowed an unknown item, so when they administered oxygen and the baby responded poorly, the crew transferred the child to their ambulance via gurney.

Once on the ambulance, Cheryl and Mike performed back blows until the baby coughed up a foreign object. With the baby now safe and breathing freely, the pair transported the child to the hospital for further monitoring from medical professionals.

Cheryl and Mike are a boon to ProTransport-1 operations as well as the company’s patients and healthcare customers. They serve as great examples of the compassionate care and safety our  EMS professionals provide each and every day. A huge thank you goes to both Cheryl and Mike for their efforts.