Four PT-1 crew members named CAA Stars of Life

Four PT-1 crew members named CAA Stars of Life

From left to right, ProTransport-1 Stars of Life Mark Mendenhall, Taylor Panus, Michael Wright and Kyristian Socha

Four ProTransport-1 crew members were recognized as Stars of Life by the California Ambulance Association at the organization’s annual awards ceremony yesterday in Sacramento on the Capitol Mall. ProTransport-1 EMTs Krystian Socha and Taylor Panus were honored alongside paramedics Mark Mendenhall and Michael Wright during the daylong event as professionals who epitomize “the spirit and commitment of a quality ambulance service.”

Each honoree was presented with a medal signifying their standing as one of the CAA’s Stars of Life prior to the award-winning group’s recognition on the California State Legislature’s Assembly and Senate floors. The festivities concluded with a networking reception and an awards dinner. ProTransport-1’s Stars of Life were accompanied by their respective managers, General Manager Devon Luce from the company’s Sacramento region and Contra Costa County Manager Heather Drolette.

ProTransport-1’s medal recipients garnered recognition for taking lifesaving action in difficult circumstances to ensure patient health and safety, as evidence in their winning actions detailed below.

Krystian Socha and Taylor Panus of Station 41 in Pleasant Hill were transporting a patient westbound on Highway 4 when they approached an overturned vehicle. Once stopped, Krystian stayed with his patient as Taylor rushed to help the passenger, who was attempting to extricate from their seat through a car window and bleeding from the head. Taylor placed a cervical collar on the man once out of the vehicle, performing a head-to-toe assessment, taking vitals and monitoring ABC.

The driver had extricated herself and a bystander helped her toward the ambulance where she received care from Krystian, who opened the side doors to the ambulance and put a stair chair near in order to monitor the stable patient being transported in the ambulance while rendering care to the injured driver who needed help. With the assistance of two bystanders, Krystian performed a three-man sit pick onto the stair chair so he could assess a woman involved in the accident. He conducted a rapid head-to-toe assessment, put on a  cervical collar, and proceeded with assessments, reassuring the woman she would be okay. Her A&O status began improving.

3The duo had seized the opportunity to ensure the safety and well-being through expert emergency care. Once the fire department arrived on scene, Krystian and Taylor handed over care of the accident victims and completed the transport of their patient.

Mark Mendenhall and Michael Wright of Station 4-12 in Sacramento were dispatched Code 3 to a patient at a skilled nursing facility exhibiting an altered level of consciousness. Their assessment showed the unresponsive, hot-to-the-touch patient was critical.  She was hypotensive and tachycardic with blood pressure at 60/40 and a heart rate of 140. After safely moving the patient to their ambulance, the crew got IV access and quickly began to initiate a fluid bolus before getting a blood sugar reading of 400. Due to breathing patterns in conjunction with the blood sugar reading, Michael and Mark decided diabetic ketoacidosis was also a concern for the patient and headed to the closest emergency department.

Upon arrival, the duo transferred care and gave a report to the receiving nurse and physician, who thanked them for their thorough assessments and performance of interventions. Teamwork was evident throughout their essential response, and each rests assured knowing their decisive interventions and detailed, focused assessments helped bring their patient closer to the definitive care she required.

ProTransport-1, its patients and customers, and EMS as a whole are fortunate to have compassionate and clinical professionals like Michael, Mark, Krystian and Taylor at the ready to provide care to those in need. We are incredibly proud of their efforts and commitment, and congratulate them on a job well done!