PT-1 crew meets patient’s special request to hospital

PT-1 crew meets patient’s special request to hospital

There is no higher praise for the professionals who provide care to those in need than being specifically requested by a patient. Recently, a care coordinator from Mercy General Hospital in Sacramento called the ProTransport-1 ComCenter with such a request. ProTransport-1 went out of its way to fulfill the special request to the delight of the patient as well as Mercy General. ProTransport-1 Account Executive Marcos Soto recounted the transport, for which he helped provide a lift assist:

I received a call from Jennifer at Mercy General Hospital, who had a patient specifically requesting to be transported by ProTransport-1. The patient required a bariatric level of service, and I volunteered to help with the lift assist in order to accommodate the request.

The patient recognized our crew immediately and was elated we were able to send our team on such short notice. EMTs Nick Silver and Matt Dague had an excellent bedside manner, going above and beyond to make sure the patient was comfortable and secure. Upon arrival at the patient’s residence, our crew again made sure the patient was comfortable and secure, even going as far as rearranging furniture to reduce tripping hazards and fall risks. The crew recognized the patient would be home alone and provided her with information about PT-1 Alert (our personal medical alert system) to further ensure the patient’s safety.

After the call was complete, Nick and Matt received a request from dispatch asking them to stay late in order to help with our high call volume. Nick sacrificed attending his godson’s birthday party in order to stay in service and help out. I thanked both crew members and showed our company’s appreciation of their commitment to our patients and ProTransport-1.

ProTransport-1 thanks Nick, Matt and Marcos for their wonderful, selfless patient care as well as the patient for thinking of ProTransport-1 when it came time for their latest transport!