ProTransport-1 Preps for El Niño

ProTransport-1 Preps for El Niño

Disaster preparedness is an important part of preventative care in the world of EMS. As the storm rages on throughout California, management from each station has analyzed their setting and taken precautionary measures to safeguard the crews so they can focus on patient care.

Matt Condie of Oakland has purchased sandbags to secure the doorways and ambulance bay roll up area. Matt has positioned all electronic equipment far from the ground, where it will remain dry and operational.

Sacramento’s Devon Luce inspected a new roof that was installed during the summer. Devon says “The generator is up and running. Sand bags will be purchased in case of minor flooding.

Matt O’Leary reported that the Vehicle Service Technician will be checking tire pressure, tread depth and windshield wipers daily. Matt added “We also prepared drains in the parking lot, hoping they will function properly.”

Alex Baker inspected the ceilings for leaks at both the Santa Clara and Redwood City stations. Additional weather sealing was added to Redwood City to prevent any water from making it inside.

San Francisco’s Chad Archila says “To prepare for El Niño, I inspected the station for leaky vents, leaks throughout the roof and any other area that water may breach our station. We are elevated about four feet above street level, so we have a very low risk of flooding. I have spoken with some crew members who have been here for long periods of time and none of them recall any weather related issues in the past. I also inspected the Cal West shoreline system for our NICU/PICU rig and everything seemed to be in proper working condition.”