Back to Basics: A ComCenter December to Remember

Back to Basics: A ComCenter December to Remember

By Colleen Heinrich
Communications Dispatch Manager

Earlier this quarter, you learned about the ComCenter’s new leadership group. This go round, we’d like to introduce you to some of the exceptional people who make up the ComCenter team and how we are getting back to the basics of excellent customer service.

Our primary focus has always been to provide exceptional customer service on every single phone call, which translates well to the commitment our crews have to the highest quality patient care on every single transport. To honor the ComCenter pledge to our customers, all staff are being retrained on what that really means. We will focus on how we speak to our customers, demonstrating care in addressing customer needs and providing personalized service in a prompt manner. We are also concentrating on asking essential questions; anticipating post-transport concerns and delivering one of our professional crews on time are simple yet imperative efforts.

Now for the folks who actually make all this happen – our amazing team! Each team member was given a lanyard and service pin to denote their position and length of service to ProTransport-1.

The ComCenter also recognizes members of the team who demonstrate dedication to making ProTransport-1 the premier provider of ambulance transportation in the region. Our Excellence Award will be presented each month by leadership based on Quality Improvement Unit review, peer recommendations, customer comments and general observations. The Teamwork Award will awarded be monthly and the winner will be selected by peer votes. In addition to a month of bragging rights, award recipients will receive corresponding pins to add to their lanyard, their name on a plaque and a $25 Visa gift card.

The Star Performer award is awarded quarterly. Three nominees are selected by leadership and voted on by company directors and executive leadership. In addition to three months of bragging rights, the recipient will receive the Star Performer pin to add to their lanyard, their name on a plaque and their choice of gift card prizes worth $200.

Look forward to upcoming announcements about our featured team members!