The Art McDonald Scholarship: Free money from PT-1 for your education

The Art McDonald Scholarship: Free money from PT-1 for your education

Are you in school? Do you want money for school? Apply for ProTransport-1’s Art McDonald Educational Scholarship today!

The Art McDonald Education Scholarship was established to honor Mr. McDonald’s vision of the value of education in healthcare services. Over the years, recipients of the scholarship include current ProTransport-1 paramedics, EMTs and company leadership! Will you be next on the list?

Two $2,000 scholarships will be awarded to exceptional team members currently enrolled in a program related to the healthcare industry and working toward their degree, certification or licensure.

Awards are based on excellent academics, outstanding character, commitment to a profession in the healthcare industry and superb job performance. Participating team members will be evaluated on their ability to effectively communicate what sets them apart from other applicants, their determination to succeed as well as their future goals and plans to achieve them. Eligible applicants must be employees in good standing that have completed 1,040 working hours at ProTransport-1.

Required to submit

  • A written or video essay (no longer than two pages or two minutes, respectively) describing how you meet (and possibly exceed!) the above criteria
  • Two letters of reference (must be from a professor or a healthcare provider and at least one must be a non-ProTransport-1 employee)
  • Submissions must include applicant’s full name, employee number, email address, home station and contact phone number
  • All required information must be sent in one package to the Marketing Communications Department at 566 Portal Street, Cotati, CA 94931 by US Mail or by PT-1 courier (or any other means of delivery). You can also email your submission to, but again, all in one email. Written files must be PDF’d and video files can be sent by DVD, flash drive or a YouTube/Vimeo link.
  • Feel free to submit any other supportive material pertinent to your application

Additional considerations

  • Spelling, syntax, style and grammar will all be weighed
  • Creativity is key!
  • Failure to follow any instructions will result in your application being disregarded
  • A.R.E.® level will be considered

All applications and supportive materials must be received, in one package or email, by Friday, Sept. 18. If you have questions, email the Marcom Department on ePro or using the email address above. Feel to free to use my contact info for questions as well.