Latest branded ambulance unveiled at CPMC event in San Francisco

Latest branded ambulance unveiled at CPMC event in San Francisco

CPMC 7ProTransport-1 showed off the latest in its expanding line of private-label ambulances Monday, unveiling a brand new neonatal and pediatric intensive care ambulance designed exclusively for use by Sutter Health’s California Pacific Medical Center.

Leadership from both healthcare providers as well as members of the local EMS community and local media were in attendance as the state-of-the-art, tech-enabled vehicle took center stage, serving as a visible representation of the sustained partnership between ProTransport-1 and CPMC. The ambulance uses animated graphics inspired by nature to set a soothing mood for the pediatric patients and families it will serve.

The colorful NICU/PICU ambulance enters operation as a critical care vehicle capable of the highest levels of mobile patient care. Fragile patients requiring specialized care, their families, nurses and ambulance crews are able to give or receive the clinical, compassionate care required in such an acute environment.

CPMC 2 [WEB]Connected tools streamline efficiency throughout each critical transport, working hand in hand with medical professionals to ensure all on board are safe and comfortable while traveling between facilities. High-speed Wi-Fi utilizing the latest mobile broadband technology allows for the potential live video and audio streaming from the transport team to hospital physicians and nurses via Google Glass. Meanwhile, an onboard entertainment system and interior wrapping create an atmospheric setting aimed at reducing stress for the child.

ProTransport-1 and CPMC look forward to continuing to provide leading ambulance transport and healthcare services, respectively, in San Francisco. Their creation of a new ambulance used in conjunction strengthens their partnership as well as their shared services.