ProTransport-1 crew moved by connection with hospice patient and family

ProTransport-1 crew moved by connection with hospice patient and family

Our own Audrey McDonald approached me for assistance with deciphering a message she had perceived to be from a satisfied customer looking for another transport. She couldn’t make out the name of the caller, but had mentioned something about a specific patient, Mr. [name redacted]. She sort of thought that maybe a family member was calling.

I took a look at her notes and returned the call, which I discovered was from a Mr. Mathews. I introduced myself, explaining that I understood he or a family member needed further transportation. He began to tell me a little about the patient and how the transport had made such an impact on his partner and himself. It was only then I realized I was talking to a ProTransport-1 crewmember.

The crew member who had made the initial call, and with whom I was speaking, was Brandt Mathews. He called Audrey because he knew how much she truly cared about the service given to our patients. He and his partner, Jason Zemlyn, had transported the patient that day. While transporting the patient, Brandt and Jason had built a rapport with the man and his daughter, and it made an impression on all parties. The patient would be entering hospice care most likely any day, and the family was comforted in knowing that the care their father had received by our crew helped him feel secure and safe.

The crew’s call to Audrey was also in hopes of ensuring that they could transport the patient to hospice when the time came. Brandt was very adamant that he and Jason were the crew to transport the man on what would probably be his last journey. They even offered to come in on a day off if that meant they could do the transport.

Both Audrey and I feel that Brandt and Jason deserve recognition for taking a moment to get to know our patients and feeling close enough to want to be there through the end. It is a rare person whose greatest fulfillment lies in giving to others. We are inspired by both EMTs, and I hope that this story will inspire others to dig a little deeper and show their compassion and willingness to be a part of someone’s life, if only for a moment – it matters.

– Colleen Heinrich, Communications Resource Officer