Station C.A.R.E.® Results Are in for 2015’s First Quarter

Station C.A.R.E.® Results Are in for 2015’s First Quarter

We know all ProTransport-1 team members are outstanding, but some stations C.A.R.E.® a little more efficiently than others in a given month. In our effort to recognize those who go above and beyond the company’s commitment to compassion, attitude, responsibility and excellence, ProTransport-1 rewards the station that ends each month with the highest C.A.R.E.® percentage with a financial incentive it can put toward things all its EMTs, paramedics and RNs can enjoy, whether that be a new gaming system or a station BBQ, for instance.

C.A.R.E.® statistics have been crunched through the first quarter of 2015, and there has been one station which has stood just tall enough to win twice! April’s numbers are just about finalized, so you’ll learn about last month’s winner soon enough.

January Winner: Station 4-14, Rancho Cordova, 95%

February Winner: Station 62, Redwood City, 95%

March Winner: Station 4-14, Rancho Cordova, 94%

In addition to the monthly winners, there have been six other instances in which a station’s C.A.R.E.® percentage ended above the 90-percent mark. In January, Station 61 in Santa Clara finished at 94 percent and Station 2-12 in Hughson registered a 92 percent; in February, Station 4-14 was at 94 percent while Station 43 in Antioch and Station 61 were each at 93 percent; in March, Station 62 posted a 92 percent.

Now that ProTransport-1 has designed and installed an electronic C.A.R.E.® card in the ePCR system used at all 13 stations, C.A.R.E.® statistics will be more accurate than ever. Look forward to seeing your station’s C.A.R.E.® percentage met with applause as well as a station bonus soon enough.