Volunteer opportunities abundant at Meals On Wheels

Volunteer opportunities abundant at Meals On Wheels

Meals On Wheels of San Francisco is providing many opportunities for ProTransport-1 to get involved for the new year. MOWSF has announced four exciting programs that are designed to benefit seniors throughout the Bay Area in hopes of providing a better, more enjoyable standard of living.

As official sponsors of the organization, ProTransport-1 and our team members are prime examples of those that can and will strap on the volunteer boots to get to work and help out such an important, yet overlooked, cause.

With four new options from which to choose, we hope all PT-1 team members want to contribute. Either individually or as a group, MOWSF welcomes all volunteers to directly benefit our community’s elderly population.

Here are the new programs, as described by MOWSF:

Spring Cleaning “All Year Round” – Engage your community or corporate group in a meaningful, one-time volunteer experience. Spring Cleaning is a great way to meet our senior clients, and an excellent opportunity for group team-building and community service.

Handmade Greeting Cards – Team up with some friends or coworkers for a few hours, and unleash your inner-creativity by creating handmade greeting and holiday cards for homebound seniors.

Deliver Disaster Preparedness Kits to Seniors – This great team-building opportunity allows volunteers to engage directly with seniors in their community. Volunteer groups deliver Disaster Preparedness Kits to homebound seniors around the city. The kits are to be used during an earthquake or other emergency.

Volunteer with Seniors – Bond one-on-one with seniors, help deliver meals and groceries to them, or make small repairs around their homes. You may gain new friendships along the way!

For any questions or additional information on how to get involved, please contact the ProTransport-1 Marketing Communications Department at 707.665.4290 or marcom@protransport-1.com. Please visit mowsf.org for more information on volunteer opportunities through Meals On Wheels of San Francisco.