Safe driving please!

Safe driving please!

Here at ProTransport-1 one of our core operating values is safety.  Driving safely without any distractions is one of our top priorities.  Whether it is your phone, GPS or any other electronic device – it can wait.

If your ambulance doesn’t have GPS, please submit a VMR to get one installed. If you use your phone as your GPS, you need to secure it without holding it in your hand in order to provide the safest environment for your partner and patients.

The passenger must operate the radio while the driver is driving at all times.  The only time the driver is allowed to do so while they are driving is when their partner is in the back with a patient. ProTransport-1 is committed to safety for both our team members and patients.

Recent news stories provide countless unfortunate reminders of how important it is to drive distraction free at all times:

Please keep up the hard work and remember #ItCanWait.