Urban Shield calls for EMS volunteers

Urban Shield calls for EMS volunteers

Urban Shield, the nation’s largest full-scale preparedness exercise for mass casualty incidents, needs EMS volunteers for its annual drill next month in Alameda County. The event takes place Sept. 4-8 with EMS volunteers required Saturday, Sept. 6, through Monday, Sept. 8. Volunteer roles available include EMS Participant, Checkpoint Staff, EMS Evaluator and EMS Trainer for either a six- or 12-hour time block.

September’s event is designed to assess the Bay Area Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) Region’s ability to integrate EMS and medical responders with law enforcement to mitigate loss of life during a mass casualty act of violence in a high-density urban area. This year’s drill will manage and assess triage, re-triage, treatment, reassessment, patient tracking, patient distribution and transportation. The operation periods open to volunteers are:

  • Saturday, Sept. 6 – 05:00-17:00
  • Saturday, Sept. 6-Sunday, Sept. 7 – 17:00-05:00
  • Sunday, Sept. 7 – 05:00-17:00
  • Sunday, Sept. 7-Monday, Sept. 8 – 17:00-05:00

Those interested in participating must visit UrbanShield.org to register:

  • Scroll over the “VOLUNTEERS” tab on the banner menu.
  • Click “REGISTER” on the drop-down menu.
  • Find and select “CLICK HERE” at the bottom of the Volunteer Registration page.
  • Click on either the “Public Safety Application” or “General Application” button; do not select the “Medical Practitioner Application.”
  • On the application, type “EMS Branch” where it asks “Have you been referred to a specific site or to a specific person? If so please list.”
  • When you receive a confirmation email from the Bay Area UASI (UrbanShield@bauasitep.org), forward it to EMSBranch.US@gmail.com and list your preferred operation period, cell phone number and t-shirt size.