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Lifesavers: ProTransport-1 EMT crew saves endangered baby

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Contra Costa County Survivors’ Reunion Honors PT-1 Crew

A ProTransport-1 crew was recognized by the Contra Costa County EMS Agency Wednesday and reunited with the family they provided with lifesaving intervention last spring. Cheryl Lingbanan and Michael Carrillo were honored during the first annual Contra Costa County EMS Survivors’ Reunion Banquet held at The Clubhouse at Boundary Oak in Walnut Creek. The banquet brought together survivors of catastrophic medical emergencies and the medical professionals or bystanders who helped them with lifesaving action within the past year. Cheryl and Michael were selected to by Contra Costa County EMSA for their superb work and quick thinking to ensure a baby’s health and safety. “Through ProTransport-1, Cheryl Lingbanan and Michael Carrillo have provided quality care for patients from numerous hospitals and skilled nursing facilities. They have demonstrated great skill in basic life support as well as excellent bedside manner and professionalism,” said ProTransport-1 Director of Operations Jeronimo Carlos. “Most importantly, they have a way of making the sick and injured feel safe, and this was seen through an on-scene call that involved a choking infant.” Cheryl’s account of the event perfectly encapsulates the calm yet clinical lifesaving response she and Michael took on the fateful day: The incident occurred after we completed a call, discharging a patient to residence. As soon as we notified dispatch that we were back in service, a car suddenly pulled up alongside our ambulance. A man jumped out of the car and was trying to communicate with us, but there was a language barrier present as he was mostly speaking a Middle Eastern language. The word, “Baby!” was all we needed for us to get out...

ProTransport-1 earns spot in Inc. 5000 for sixth straight year

Trendsetting medical transportation and healthcare logistics provider ProTransport-1 has been named to the Inc. 5000 for the sixth consecutive year, making a huge leap all the way to No. 2894 in this year’s ranking of the fastest-growing private companies in the United States. ProTransport-1’s spot on the 2016 Inc. 5000 is its best since it was initially honored in 2011 and well above its 2015 ranking of No. 4837. Measuring each company’s overall revenue growth over a three-year period, the Inc. 5000 aims to provide  insight into the entrepreneurial landscape by profiling the 5000 most successful American companies and celebrating the innovation that has enabled their impressive growth. ProTransport-1’s most recent three-year growth rate of 119 percent is all the more impressive when the three-year growth rate that first earned the company a place in the Inc. 5000 is taken into account; that measurement stretches back to 2007, meaning ProTransport-1 has nearly a full decade of consistent growth worthy of Inc. 5000 inclusion. The confluence of strategic partnerships and targeted regional expansion has spurred ProTransport-1’s growth in recent years as it has continued to innovate and evolve. Created in 2000 to serve the interfacility ambulance transport market, ProTransport-1 now provides a wealth of services encompassing transportation, communication, logistics and overall efficiency for patients and healthcare customers. Since joining forces with private equity partner New Heritage Capital in 2012, Northern California-based ProTransport-1 has expanded its reach nationwide through the acquisition of fellow admired ambulance brands: PRN Ambulance in Southern California, Century Ambulance Service in Florida, ATS Medical Services in Illinois and Priority One in Indiana. It also provides comprehensive logistics...

Art McDonald Scholarship Recipients Announced!

ProTransport-1’s very own Jordan Lippincott was among this year’s winners to receive the esteemed, annual Art McDonald Educational Scholarship. Each applicant was asked to write an essay, detailing their aspirations to excel in the field of healthcare. In Jordan’s essay, he writes about connecting with care providers as a patient and his plan to become a Medical Doctor so he can help others in the same way. This is the first time the coveted scholarships were opened up nationwide, calling to a crowd of applicants from ProTransport-1, PRN Ambulance, Century Ambulance Service, ATS Ambulance and Priority One Ambulance. Here is the entire list of 2016 scholarship winners: ProTransport-1: Jordan Lippincott, future MD Century: Deanna Moore, future RN ATS/Priority One: Kathryn Peterson, future Neurologist PRN: Emily Besch, future RN The Art McDonald Educational Scholarship was first started years ago as a means to respect those truly motivated enough to seek higher levels of education in healthcare, the same way the late Art McDonald did. Art’s legacy lives on, not only through the recipients, but through the actions of all who perform selfless acts of kindness toward those in...

East Bay crews team up to provide a special trip home

A handful of ProTransport-1 crews recently came together to provide an Oakland woman with a unique transport home, exhibiting the type of compassionate care and logistics expertise under challenging circumstances that continues to set ProTransport-1 apart. A day that began with the woman, a bariatric patient at Highland Hospital, desperate for any ambulance provider to lend a helping hand ended with smiles as she rested safe and comfortable in her home. Prior to ProTransport-1 stepping forward, a different ambulance provider had attempted to transport the obese woman home two weeks earlier. They were unwilling to attempt navigating through a tight stairwell and returned the patient to Highland Hospital. However, once ProTransport-1 was on the scene, there was no stopping the crews on hand from getting the job done. Initially, six ProTransport-1 crew members were on hand to help the woman into the ambulance to transport her home. Once at the home, they called for further assistance and four more team members arrived at the East Oakland location to provide a lift assist. The 10-strong team proceeded to work their way up the tricky, narrow stairwell, ensuring comfort and safety for all involved. After a 45-minute effort to maneuver the woman upstairs with the assistance of 10 ProTransport-1 professionals and devices to help aid safe patient transfer, she was finally home for the first time in nine months, this time with a new nutrition regimen, a rehabilitation plan, a home nurse, and 10 PT-1 pros she and her family couldn’t thank enough for their kind, gentle and reliable...

CCT RN Ivvy Yong promoted to CCT Manager at ProTransport-1

ProTransport-1’s fast-growing critical care transport division has received a boost with the promotion of longtime registered nurse Ivvy Yong to the Critical Care Transport Manager role. Ivvy will work directly under Executive Director of Clinical Operations David Ott to continuing honing as well as growing the company’s CCT capabilities. “Ivvy is a great asset to ProTransport-1,” David said. “I have personally seen her grow and mature as a registered nurse and leader. She is passionate about CCT and I am confident that she is the right person for this position.” Ivvy has spent nearly a decade as an RN, initially assuming the role in February 2007 at Tri-City Medical Center where she worked in the facility’s intensive care unit. She has since gained a wealth of nursing experience at numerous levels of care for various healthcare providers. Most recently, Ivvy has served as a CCT RN for ProTransport-1 since September 2014 while simultaneously fulfilling the role of ICU RN at Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento. Additional positions held by Ivvy over the course of her impressive medical career to date include ICU RN at Stanford Hospital and Clinics, Doctors Medical Center and the Scripps Mercy Hospital Level I Trauma Center. She has also spent time as a Special Events CCT RN for San Diego Medical Services-Rural Metro and a Health Care Partner at Sharp Memorial Hospital. Ivvy has earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology with an emphasis in Cell and Molecular Biology from San Diego State University, an associate degree in Nursing from Maric College, and a bachelor degree in Nursing from Azusa Pacific...

The Art McDonald Scholarship: Free money for your education!

Are you in school? Do you want money for school? Apply for the Art McDonald Educational Scholarship today! About The Art McDonald Education Scholarship was established to honor Mr. McDonald’s value of education in healthcare services. Over the years, recipients of the scholarship include numerous paramedics, EMTs and EMS leadership. Are you next on the list? Four $1,000 scholarships will be awarded to exceptional team members currently enrolled in a program and working toward their degree, certification or licensure in hopes of moving forward in the healthcare industry. The scholarship is open only to team members at ProTransport-1, PRN Ambulance, Century Ambulance Service, ATS Medical Services and Priority One. Criteria Awards are based on excellent academics, outstanding character, commitment to a profession in the healthcare industry and superb job performance. Participating team members will be evaluated on their ability to effectively communicate what sets them apart from other applicants, determination to succeed, future goals and plans to achieve them. Eligible applicants must be employees in good standing that have completed 1,040 working hours for one of the previously mentioned brands. Required to submit A written or video essay (no longer than two pages or two minutes, respectively) describing how you meet (and possibly exceed!) the above criteria Two letters of reference (must be from a professor or a healthcare provider, and at least one must be from outside the company) Submissions must include applicant’s full name, employee number, email address, home station and contact phone number All required information must be sent in one package to the Marketing Communications Department at 566 Portal Street, Cotati, CA 94931 (those within the...

ProTransport-1 is a leading provider of patient logistics services to hospital systems, serving a diverse range of customers from coast to coast. Our trendsetting tools streamline hospital productivity and our innovative, common-sense solutions utilize the latest technology to create hospital efficiencies that ensure patient safety as well as customer satisfaction. Established in 2000 in the San Francisco Bay Area, ProTransport-1’s ambitious scope of services evolved from a foundation built on safe and reliable medical transportation. Today, the company provides comprehensive services encompassing the patient movement process alongside sister companies PRN Ambulance in Los Angeles, ATS Medical Services in Chicago and Indianapolis, and Century Ambulance Service in Jacksonville, Fla.

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